Originally from the north of Sweden but now based in Berlin, Amused is an audiovisual artist who started out as a 3D artist in the game industry. After several years working with game art and two games behind them, they decided to start studying again and branched out into sound art, design and composition. With a bachelor in audiovisual production they got to interweave their two main disciples as well as dabbling in programming as a creative medium. 

Now studying a Master in Performing Arts at Stockholm University of the Arts with a focus on avatar embodiment and creating immersive audiovisual performances and incorporating pole dance in VR. Their art is heavenly inspired and centred around dreams, body issues, generative art, embodiment, the subconscious, syncresis and spirituality as well as theoretical perspectives such as posthumanism and glitch feminism which also translates back into their VJ practice. Amused is part of the 10 Percent Human Collective.





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