Monne Rubingh, or as he is known on the music scene, MoNNe, is a fixture in the Barcelona nightlife scene. His various events gets fans shaking their booty with zeal, no easy feat in a city jaded by Dj after Dj. Among them, MoNNe is a refreshing exception.
In his multiple sessions he can connect to the feelings of his audience and adapt to their rhythmic preferences via non-verbal communication catalysed by his unusual ability to sync his spinning with the state of the crowd. His direct style is full of brilliant improvisation only cultivated minds can develop, and no digs at his online mixes, but truth be told they don’t compare to musical dexterity he shows during his live sets.
Born in Rotterdam, Holland in 1972, he has lived in Barcelona for over 20 years and he is playing his music for about 30 years. His eclectic style of mixing afro-, etnic-, deep- , tech-house, break beat, electro and techno, keep the crowds wanting for more. The parties he produces keep getting bigger and bigger combining the presence of DJ´s, musicians, theatre, art, performances and VJs with the sole purpose of making everyone enjoy the show.
Some of his events: ‘Get Up And Dance’, ‘Phonk’, ‘Unexpected’, the famous ‘Rebel’ parties, ‘Slow Down’ or ‘We Love Glitch’.
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For bookings: +34-630484868






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